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Air Freight


Through our membership in an international network of selected and well-known professional partners, we are able to transport your air freight shipments from your warehouse / location to almost anywhere in the world. Through our network members, we are also able to carry out customs clearance in destination country and to organize the delivery to their customers. We offer our customers the complete processing of their air freight shipments, starting with the preparation of the export declaration – via the Atlas System AES. In addition, we can issue certificates of origin, A.TR’s, EUR , INF 3, carnets, etc. By being certified as a regulated agent, we can transport air freight shipments in a secure supply chain from the sender to delivery to the airline. For unsafe cargo, we offer the officially prescribed security measures (X-ray, sniffing). Here we are not limited to the Cologne location, but can offer this at all German airports. With secure access to our cargo tracking system, you can find out about the current status of your air freight shipment at any time. As an IATA freight forwarder, we work together with leading airlines to also to be able to offer the required service for particularly urgent shipments. In conjunction with qualified partners, we can package and store dangerous goods accordingly and create the „Shippers Declaration“ required for air freight shipments. The procurement of dangerous goods transport confirmations for countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia etc. are part of our service. Our range of services also includes handling transit shipments, temporary exports and customs goods. The deregistration of export shipments takes place via the qualified presentation at the airport, so that the exit note can be printed promptly after departure. We make these available for export accompanying documents created by us.


The retrieval of your orders worldwide takes place in cooperation with our partners. We establish contact with the sender via our network partners, arrange collection, book with the airlines, take over after arrival at the destination airport, customs clearance and delivery to your warehouse. Deliveries are usually made on the same day of arrival after customs clearance has taken place. Customs clearance for free circulation via the ATLAS system, or as temporary use, active repair, Carnet ATA clearance, acceptance into the open bonded warehouse is part of our daily work. Deliveries are mainly made with our own staff and GPS-monitored vehicles. For the transport process from door to door, it is sufficient if you inform us that you have placed an order with your supplier. Everything else runs automatically. With secure access to our track & trace system, you can find out about the transport process at any time. We are happy to offer you transport insurance from door to door.


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